Work in Chunks (the Pomodoro Technique)

My version of the Pomodoro Technique follows, and is a handy way to get things done by working in small chunks:

1) Close ALL distracting programs: email, Skype, Slack, browser windows, etc. and put everything else in “Do Not Disturb” mode

2) Get ready whatever tools you need to do the work (login to your web site, open Excel, set up your camera, plug in your drill press, etc).

3) Set a timer (on your phone is fine) for 20 minutes. Then place the phone (in do not disturb mode) in the next room and start the timer.

4) Go do your work. DO NOTHING ELSE. Do not send emails, or chat or anything else.

5) When the timer goes off, celebrate you actually accomplishing something! Do your Happy-Worky Dance.

6) Set your timer for 20 minutes again and do whatever else you need to until it goes off.

7) Go back to #1

For more productivity tips, especially during COVID-19 and working remotely with kids at home, check out our blog post Top Tips for Successful Remote Work.

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