Baltimore Entrepreneurs Launch Hero Masks to Help Supply PPE to Front Line Workers in COVID-19 Pandemic

A zero-profit project, all personal protection equipment (PPE) and supplies are either sold at cost or donated depending upon urgency and budgets. Any remaining inventory after the coronavirus crisis period has ended will be donated to appropriate non-profits.

BEL AIR, April 01, 2020 — Maryland entrepreneurs, Brian and Natalie Gallagher, announced the launch of their company Hero Masks LLC and The Hero Masks Project today. Hero Masks is seeking donations and sponsorships to fund its effort to get personal protection equipment (PPE) shortage to the front-line workers who need it while fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. All donations will help to purchase masks, respirators, ventilators or whatever we can help to get for the people heroically working to save lives, keep essential services running and flattening the curve.

What started out as a craft project for suddenly-homeschooled children making “Delivery Hero Care Packages” for the people delivering supplies to their porch has now turned into a community project helping protect the people protecting the community.

Using their technical skills, networking resources and experience in sourcing products directly from overseas manufacturers, Hero Masks quickly ramped up as they saw the potential of how they could help hospitals and other front-line workers get the critical medical supplies they need. They have already ordered over $10,000 in supplies, providing over 15,000 items at-cost or donated to protect medical staff, workers and patients.

“We desperately want to help those on the front-lines of COVID-19 and flatten the curve! We have existing professional and overseas connections and can work quickly and efficiently to help affected communities during this pandemic. We’ve tested our concept by securing overseas supplies with our own funds and are now looking for community support so we can do more and keep more people safe. But no one can do this alone. The need is too big. We need community support and donations.” said Natalie.

Their manufacturer connections can supply over one million masks and respirators and hundreds of ventilators per day. Huge worldwide demand makes these supplies more expensive every day and supply chain breakdowns make it harder and more expensive to deliver. Some prices have nearly tripled, even buying directly from the manufacturer. Hero Masks is seeking financial sponsorships and community donations of any amount so they can purchase in larger lots directly from manufacturers as soon as possible. They are looking to raise the first $25,000 in their GoFundMe campaign running now. Supplies would then be delivered by air to nearby airports and delivered to where they are urgently needed.

“We have a very limited window of time to get these supplies before our own medical systems become overloaded and supply chains collapse further,” Brian said. “Some minimum order sizes have increased 10-fold, which means we need to raise more funds, faster to get these before it’s too late.”

To help fund supplies, visit The Hero Masks Project’s donation page at To partner or request supplies for your organization visit

About Hero Masks LLC

Founded by Brian and Natalie Gallagher in April 2020, Baltimore entrepreneurs with many years of business and technology consulting providing services to government, universities, non-profits, and small/medium-sized businesses, Hero Masks LLC and The Hero Masks Project is dedicated to helping reduce the personal protection equipment (PPE) shortage during the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, flattening the curve and saving lives. This is a zero-profit project and any remaining inventory at the end of the current crisis will be donated to an appropriate non-profit organization.

Hero Masks can be contacted via email at, phone at +1-914-386-2751 (91GETMASK1) , web at, or Facebook at


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