N-95 Level Protection* from a Surgical Mask

FixTheMask.com prototype photoThe FixTheMask.com team has come up with an incredibly simple, but incredibly effective, method to make a basic Face Mask or Surgical Mask provide the same-or-better level of protection as an N-95 mask.*

It appears to block particulates even better, possibly up to 98%, due to the better filtration of the surgical masks.  The benefits of the N-95 has been the better seal against a person’s face, not the quality of the filter medium.  This takes a basic mask and makes it seal against your face in a similar way… with rubber bands.

Take three (3) rubber bands.  Make a chain of them.   Place the center band over your nose and under your chin, which holds the mask snug against your face.  Use the other two bands as ear-loops or attach them behind your head with a paperclip or safety pin.

See their site for the latest research and testing results.  They are trying to get NIOSH approval as soon as they can get their needing testing done and release an updated version of their design.

We think we can improve on the design by replacing the normal rubber bands with non-latex antimicrobial rubber bands, which will prevent latex allergic reactions, adds antimicrobial properties, and can be sterilized in an autoclave so that they can be safely reused instead of being discarded (an important thing with our current supply shortages).

At this point, I think anyone would be crazy NOT to use this simple hack to increase their protection to near/better than N-95 levels for 1/10th of the price.

Here is the video from FixTheMask.com on how to properly create and wear this hack:

* Based on preliminary testing and manufacturer details, as shown on the FixTheMask.com site.

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