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Protection for Front-Line Workers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What are you doing?

We are buying personal protective equipment (PPE) for our medical heroes:

  • doctors
  • nurses
  • emergency responders
  • medical technicians
  • administrative staff
  • etc.

and for our public service heroes on the front-line interfacing with the public:

  • grocery cashiers
  • pharmacists
  • ecommerce delivery drivers
  • truck drivers
  • etc.

and for the general public.

Because these are out of stock everywhere in the USA, we will buy these directly from overseas manufacturers.

The challenge in dealing directly with these manufacturers is that they require very large orders, typically 50,000 to 100,000 units as a minimum order quantity, which runs around $10,000 to $50,000 per order, depending on what is being ordered.  This is why your donations are so important, so that we can place these large orders.

We are then either selling it AT-COST (for organizations with a budget to purchase supplies) or DONATING (if no budget) it to the places is it most needed.   

AT-COST means all money spend from original order through final delivery.  Eg: the price to purchase items + all shipping costs + any other expenses incurred (taxes, duties, contractors, etc).


What are you buying?

We need donations to buy items such as:


  • face masks (get it?  Masks for Heroes?  “Hero Masks”!)  
  • N-95 respirators
  • face shields
  • nitrile gloves
  • hand sanitizer
  • disinfectant wipes
  • medical equipment and consumables
  • …and whatever else is needed
Why do we need to do this?

The flow of products from overseas into ports, to importers, to wholesalers, to retailers, and then to the public has temporarily broken down or at least massively slowed down.

The effects of the coronavirus/COVID-19 on overseas manufacturing and shipping has starved our distribution system in the USA of the products we need to keep our hospitals running and our people safe.

Companies do not know how to go around the normal procurement process, and as a result, they can’t find anything to buy.

They place orders the way they always have, and then the orders get canceled by the distributors because they are all out of stock.

What's the rush?

The coronavirus in the USA is getting to a critical point FAST where the hospitals will be overloaded (some ICUs are already filled to capacity) and they don’t have the supplies to handle the load of people expected to be admitted in the next few weeks.

It is urgent that we order the needed stuff AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Even ordering it by Air Deliver, it will still take about 1-3 weeks to manufacture, ship, deliver and distribute it all.  


That’s why I’ve hardly slept for the last week(s) trying to get this site up, find suitable manufacturers, get pricing, etc.

So please Donate or Volunteer if you can!

The life you save may be your own! 

(Hopefully not, but it was way more dramatic that way)

So what are you doing differently?

We are skipping the normal system of distributors and wholesalers that supply hospitals, doctors, businesses, and retailers.

We are going directly to the overseas manufacturers that normally supply most products to this country.

We are cutting out all the middlemen, going directly to the people making what we need and buying it directly from them and they are shipping it directly to us by air freight.


Why isn't everybody else doing this?

The simple answer is because they don’t know how to.

The distribution and ordering systems they always use has always worked before, and they’ve never needed to learn another way.

How do you know how to do this?

We’ve worked on earlier projects that required sourcing (finding a supplier or manufacturer) a variety of products from all over the world, particularly from China and India.

We also work with sourcing specialists who help with the process and make it go smoother.


So who are you?

We are a husband and wife team providing business and internet consulting.  We have our two newly 24/7 small co-workers “helping” us (aka children) now on a regular basis, greatly increasing our productivity…um maybe.

Between the two of us, we have almost 70 years of experience helping organizations solve their problems.

As many organizations (governments, distributors, hospitals, retailers, etc.) are having major problems getting the stuff they need, we are using our very specialized set of skills to do an end-run around the normal procurement process and get stuff from the source, and get it here more quickly than conventional ocean shipping channels permit.

Want to know more?  Check out our About Us page for more than you probably care to know.

Why should I trust you?

Because we’ve been solving other peoples’ problems for nearly 70 years (combined).

And this country has a BIG PROBLEM right now with hospitals, doctors, nurses and front-line workers not having the protection they need to do their job safely.

Unless this problem gets solved, more people are going to get sick and die.

So we’re gonna fix it, however much we can given the resources this thing can raise.

Check our About Us page.  From there you can see our LinkedIn profiles and websites featuring decades of high-level professional experience and plenty of references, projects, and testimonials.

If that isn’t enough you can Contact Us and let us know what you’d like to know about us.

Why can't the government do this?

We wish we knew.

They have the resources to do this, but between partisanship, general governmental inefficiency, and differences of opinion in how preparations and stockpiles should be managed, it hasn’t happened.

So we’re stepping in as Good Citizens and trying to help our country out.


Why can't businesses do this?

They could, but they don’t know how to.

We’d be happy to have them learn, but we don’t have time to teach them right now. We just have to do the thing!

They can find out how to do this by Googling things like “how to import from china to USA” just like we did years ago.

But they don’t have time to figure it all out now, so we’re trying to do it.

How does it work?

You give us money.

We buy stuff hospitals, doctors, businesses, etc. need with the money from overseas manufacturers and have it sent by air-freight back to our operations here.

We either sell the stuff at-cost or donate it, depending on the level of need and the budgets available.

Selling at-cost is preferred, as we can then use the money to buy more stuff, but we will also donate where needed.

We are operating this campaign as a ZERO-PROFIT operation until the pandemic crisis is over.

Any money and resources left in the campaign when the crisis is over will be donated to an appropriate non-profit.

We will be posting regularly on our blog about what we are buying and where it is going so that everybody knows what’s going on with their money.


Is this non-profit organization? Are donations tax-deductible?

We are NOT operating this as a non-profit organization because it takes months to set one up, many government offices are closed or short-staffed, and by then it will be too late to make the impact we need to make.

We are running this through our existing business structure, Gallagher Innovations, Inc. (click for proof of status) which has been in continuous operation since January 23, 2006.

Donations are NOT expected to be tax-deductible (ask your accountant for a professional opinion), but you’ll likely be saving someone’s life, which is better than saving a few bucks on your taxes, in our opinion.

We are operating this campaign as a ZERO-PROFIT operation until the pandemic crisis is over.

Any money or inventory left in the campaign when the crisis is over will be donated to an appropriate non-profit.

We will be posting regularly on our blog about what we are buying and where it is going, so everybody knows what’s going on with their money.


What's in it for you?

We help people not die.

We feel good about ourselves.

We probably get a bump in SEO rankings from inbound links to the site, and probably some press coverage, but mostly:

We help people not die.

What's in it for me?

You help people not die.

You feel good about yourself.

You probably get a bump in serotonin levels from your good deeds, and probably help your karma.  But mostly:

You help people not die.

How can I help?

Please join us in making this grow.

You can help by:

Thank you!


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