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Business in Baby Steps is an online training system brought to you by Brian and Natalie Gallagher and their company, Gallagher Innovations, Inc.

About Brian and Natalie Gallagher

Brian and Natalie Gallagher, Business in Baby Steps founders and ownersBrian (husband/he/him/his) has over 35 years of experience in business consulting, computer programming, systems integration, web development, marketing and has been running his own business for over two decades.   He has worked in higher education, government, non-profits, businesses from Fortune 50 through fresh new startups.  You can check out his LinkedIn profile if you’re really that interested.  He was born in Philadelphia and moved to Maryland for much of his life.  He made up for this fairly average adolescent life by doing interesting things professionally, having worked in a nuclear power plant, some exciting startups (sadly, none bought by Google), big giant consulting houses, tiny little consulting shops, and then chucking it all to work on his own.

Natalie (wife/she/her/hers) run the small business web agency side of things through her brand, Virtually Nat.  She’s also been working in various industries, including banking, insurance, higher education, and small business services for over 30 years.  Her LinkedIn profile is also online.  She was born in South Africa, where she grew up, then lived in England for a while, and then made her way to the USA to meet the best guy around, Brian.   You may be guessing who wrote this page by now, so I’ll just tell you she has the best accept I’ve ever heard.  Even after all these years of marriage, I still love hearing it.  And you will, too!  😉

We have two adult children and two small-ish ones and have lots of experience running a business from a home office and the challenges that brings.

About Business in Baby Steps

In our consulting practice, we routinely heard the same questions over and over again and decided that we could make everybody happier if we put the answers to all those questions into a set of online courses and made it available for people to learn at their own pace.  Unlike many other courses, this will feature small, easy to complete steps that walk you through the process, and each lesson has something you have completed at the end of it.

Deliverables and Action Items, as they say in the biz.  No hours of vague theory with nothing to show for it at the end.  Do and Go!

THEN the coronavirus pandemic hit and everybody started getting COVID-19 in Seattle, New York, and then everywhere.


We put our course development on hold and decided to put up our presently half-baked site and launch The Hero Masks Project to help get much needed medical supplies to the hospitals before they are overloaded with patients.


We’re hoping to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations so that we can bring hundreds of thousands of masks, ventilators, exam gloves, hand sanitizers and whatever else may be needed for hospitals, medical professionals, front-line workers and the general public.


This is a ZERO-PROFIT project, and all purchases will be sold at-cost or donated where they are needed and anything left at the end of the crisis will be donated to a suitable organization.


Please help if you can by Donating or Volunteering!


Visit The Hero Masks Project for more information and view our Hero Masks FAQ if you have questions.


In any available time, we will try to get more of the course up (even if in rough form) since so many people are out of work right now and could benefit from starting their own businesses.


All course materials we can get up we are making free to access during the crisis, so people can make the most of a bad situation.

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– Brian & Natalie


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