Premature Pandemic Launch

This site is not ready to be launched, but we are doing it anyway due to the urgent needs that the coronavirus / CORVID-19 pandemic has brought to the world.

With 1/3+ of the population suddenly home and unemployed and those who are still working lacking, the inevitable collapse of many businesses as a result of the economy’s brakes being slammed on, we figured we needed to get this content out as soon as we could, even if it isn’t to the level of polished quality we were planning to have.

Everything has changed, and we’re changing our plans with it.  We are now:

  • Starting The Hero Masks Project to take care of people taking care of us.
  • Making our content FAST and furious, instead of slower and with high-production quality
  • Making our content FREE, so the people who need work can create jobs for themselves
  • Opening up our Facebook Groups, so people can reach us and each other to start and grow their businesses
  • Launching the site only minimally done, and building it as we go, so people can get info

Welcome to the new normal of our world… let’s turn it into a chance for positive growth and strong communities!

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Here we go….

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