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I need to make a nice looking form to estimate a business’s chance of success. Would prefer source file as Word Doc, Google Doc or Photoshop, but other Adobe formats are possible if needed. Each row should have a section title, descriptive text, a box/circle for putting a number (1-10) into, and a Total section at the bottom of the page.  Desired concept similar to the design aesthetic of D&D Character Sheets in how the forms are laid out with some graphical design/style.   Page should have our logo and colors (see Resources at bottom of this page). 

Final product should be a printable and fillable color PDF on US Letter size (8.5×11″) in Portrait orientation. If possible, have the Total column calculate itself from the other filled in values above it.

It should look vaguely like the rough design(s) to the right, the following elements:


BIBS Branding Guide
Presentation Layout


Title: Business Idea Scorecard
Business Name: _______________ (blank fillable line)
Subheading: Use this form to quickly estimate how difficult it will be to make a business idea successful. Fill in a number for each line and the final score will give a score as to how challenging it will be to make this a successful business.


Section: Time to Market
Number line: Slow >5yr=1, Med 6mo-1yr=5, Fast 1-3mo=10
Description: How long will it take you to take your product or service from basic idea through prototyping, revisions, manufacturing and have it for sale on the market?

Section: Capital Needed
Number line: High=1, Moderate=5, Low=10
Description: How much capital (money, equipment, marketing, and everything else) will be needed to develop this and bring it onto the market?

Section: Capital / Resources Available
Number line: None=1, Half=5, All=10
Description: How much of the needed capital and other resources do you have available either immediately or in the short term (before the business would need it)?

Section: Competition
Number line: Many Competitors=1, Moderate Competition=5, No Competitors=10
Description: How many other companies selling similar products/services you are developing?

Section: Competitor Size/Strength
Number line: Monopoly=1, Big/Powerful=3, Moderate/Strong=6, Small/Weak=10
Description: How strong are the business that you would be competing against in your market?

Section: Consumer Education Needed
Number line: Lots, New Category=1, Some, New Product=5, None, Better Product=10
Description: How much work will it take to inform and educate potential new customers about your product and service. If there is no similar product on the market, it would be a New Category. If it is a slightly better version of a product already popular, you have less to educate and explain.

Section: Market Need
Number line: Low=1, Important=5, Vital=10
Description: How much to people actually need (or very strongly want) your product in their lives?

Section: Market Size
Number line: None Currently $0/yr=1, Niche <$1M/yr=3, Average=5 $1-10M/yr, Large=7 >$10M/yr, Huge > $1B/yr=10
Description: How large is the market for your product?

Section: IP Protection
Number line: None=1, Copyright=3, Trade Secrets=7, Utility Patents=10
Description: How strongly can you protect your product’s Intellectual Property from duplication by others?

Section: Scalability
Number line: Same cost per product=1, Limited ability to mass produce=3, Incremental cost per product=6, Additional products at no cost=10
Description: How well can the product scale to large volumes.  If it costs the same to create and sell each item of your product, it does not scale as well as something that you can make additional copies at little or no cost (usually digital products).



Total line
Box/circle for total
Label: Business Success Estimate


FOOTER: | Successtimator v1.0 | Copyright (c) 2020



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